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 Please note that these facilities are about to change as we move to a new server. Please
contact us with your requirements so we can discuss what is available in the new server. 

 We recommend you use this for most of your hosting needs where you require additional bandwidth or access to the additional features such as MySQL databases, the ability to add FrontPage, 10 GB of bandwidth and many more features including:-

  • E-mail autoresponders, mailing lists, mail boxes and spam filters that can be activated in real time.
  • Our online file manager that allows you to edit, delete and upload your web site from any Internet connected PC in the world!
  • Password protection features that allow you to run your own "members only area".
  • Over 15 scripts that will make your web site come alive (and can be installed with one click!) including:-
    • Simple Shopping Cart System
    • Web Site Search Engine
    • Ebay Style Auction
    • Guestbook
    • Web Site Advertiser
    • Free For All Links
    • Formmail
    • Web Site Postcards
    • Text Clock
    • Premium 400/500 Error Page
    • Random Images
    • Random Links
    • Web Quiz
    • SurveySays
  • The ability to view your web site statistics online, download raw log files, install graphical & text counters and also install our web site hit's logger.
  • Web tools that allow you to backup your website to a zip file, manage MySQL databases online, activate sub domains, check your perl and html for errors and even create a simple home page!
  • A new version of our popular online e-mail client including new features such as folder support, search, address book and prioritisation!
  • You can view your data transfer (bandwidth) usage online as well as your web space usage.
  • Unlimited POP3 E-mail Boxes
  • 10 GB of Bandwidth (data transfer)
  • Unlimited E-mail Addresses
  • Unlimited Announcement Lists
  • Unlimited E-mail Autoresponders
  • Unlimited Spam Filters
  • Active Server Pages
  • PHP 4
  • MySQL databases - upto 10 per account
  • Sub Domains with E-mail - upto 500 per account
  • Extra FTP Accounts - upto 25 per account
  • Miva Empresa - scripting language
  • Webalizer Graphical Statistics
  • Full CGI & SSI Capabilities
  • Customised error messages
  • Full FTP & Secure shell access
  • Real audio and MP3 support
  • CGI/Perl 5 and Python
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